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Womens Legal Cell

Welcome to the Women Cell of the college where young women are groomed to face all the challenges of life with their head held high. Women Cell of the college views itself as a facilitator for young women so that they are able to realize their full potential and exercise their active influence on society to bring about its transformation. Women’s Cell follows a strategy that involves the personality development of women in divergent fields and all units in the college are actively involved towards their cause. The cell has been very active in working towards women empowerment and gender sensitization of our young women. Women Cell aims to provide a platform to young women to voice their thoughts and opinions and to share their experiences.

It also aims at providing personal guidance, legal awareness on specific issues concerning women. The activities of the cell include among other things, engaging students in promoting awareness relating to women in the present social context, information on legal rights policies and counselling support. The women cell workshops and lectures on all issues concerning women. The ultimate aim of the women cell in this college is to prepare our young women as an active fusion of modernity and tradition.

These cell play an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women students. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate and share their views. They actively promote gender equality Gender disparities are no longer silent subjects. Education is the biggest field to introduce any massive change in society. With the spreading of awareness about gender discrimination at all levels, we find many self-sustaining and crowd drawing movements by young leaders of colleges. Legal measures have also made their way into colleges and other institutions. One of them is Women Development Cells (WDC).